punk rock and life

greenday are the best fuckers

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this commmunity is all about punk rock and life. my goal is to make it the coolest community on lj ( or at least one of the coolest)so if u join u must advertise at at least 2 other communitys if any thing is wrong with this community just tell me and ill probbally fix it. if u r offensive 2 anyone in this community you could be voted out so if its some thing bitchy keep your trap shut. know one will try to be meen but we will tell it like it is so be prepared.
if you like bush alot or dont like greenday a little you cant join ( come on these r just common smarts) if you r asked to leave the community you must but u will only have to leave if u r truly offensive. If u have aproblem with me or abny of the members just say it ( dont spray it) jk.
fill this out so we can know a little about u.
fave bands:
fave color:
most of the time i am:
the diseases i have: ( if u have any)