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Previous Entry wassup? Jan. 13th, 2006 @ 04:29 pm Next Entry
Hey persons! I just joined. Here's my application thingy
fave bands: green day, the Killers, Job for a Cowboy, and the Blood Brothers
fave color: green and black and maroon
most of the time i am: on the internet
the diseases i have: ( if u have any)wrong...er...no
likes: cool people who rnt emo and r just crazy, and hot topic
ddislikes: preps
comments: I love hot topic, except for the pants (they're huge!)and i love the earings. My sis nia is more hardcore than any of u.
other:i have 2 great fuckers , zikki and mini_moo2, so check them out (u know what I mean, sick-minded peoples) and I hate bush with a passion.
Current Mood: nostalgicin my own little world...
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